La Bottega Linka is the newest addition to La Collezione family group of Italian restaurants and bistros. At Linka, everything revolves around our very special X – Oven, which is fuelled with charcoal. On top of that, Linka’s location has historical significance, and was once home to one of the most renowned delicatessen shops in the interwar period. Linka is a mix of something old-fashioned with something new, and creates a cocktail full of distinct flavors and Italian authenticity in the very heart of Prague centrum.

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A slice of good bread a day keeps the doctor away. That might really be true! But To bake a really good loaf of bread is a difficult job. Our bakers are masters of their craft and there are several reasons why.

Linka for the first time part of Grand Restaurant Festival

Italian bistro La Bottega Linka in the selection of food critic Pavel Mauer and his Grand Restaurant Festival 2017.


Every season there is a new menu waiting for you. Begin your gourmet experience with our carefully chosen starters; you can continue with soups and pasta and you can choose from a wine selection of main courses. Every morning you can start the day with Italian delicacies and excellent coffee, and at lunch time we´ll offer you a delicious menu. You can choose between a two course or three-course menu. Both are suitable for a business lunch!

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Owner and chef Riccardo Lucque focuses mainly on import of typical Italian products that have not been introduced to the domestic market and organic products from small Italian suppliers.

The fresh pasta is home made and are produced in our shop, while all dry pasta is from Benedetto Cavalieri, who owns a factory for traditional Italian pasta. Native baker Mimmo, who comes from Altamura, bakes the genuine Italian bread. Cheese and olive oils are made by Vittorio Beltrami.

Coffee is delivered by Gianni Frasi, a master of Italian coffee.