La Bottega Linka 

La Bottega Linka is our newest addition to the family of La Bottega where everything spins around a very special X-​Oven .  Inside of it we prepare fresh fishes and dry-​aged meat on charcoal. On top of that, the new La Bottega's location choice has a historical reason. The building used to host one of the most renowned delicatessen shop in the interwar era. We mix something old-​fashioned with something new in Linka and create coctail full of distinctive flavors and Italian authenticity in the very heart of Prague.


Come to taste the homemade Altamura´s bread, salami, prosciutto, cheese, pasta and desserts accompanied by fine wines and multiple hot buffets. And in addition, we offer the best Italian coffee from the true master, Gianni Frasi.


In the sister bistro, La Bottega Tusarova, we prepare several types of fresh pasta every day. We use semolina flour for all our pastas except ravioli.


Our team of amazing bakers bakes beautiful fresh Italian bakery every day. They are  an experts on Pane di Altamura and natural yeast.


 Our main meat supplier, Domenico Celli also produces for us a homemade prosciutto, called Prosciutto di Fiocca.