A slice of good bread a day keeps the doctor away. That might really be true! But To bake a really good loaf of bread is a difficult job. Our bakers are masters of their craft and there are several reasons why.

Top quality ingredients are essential

Every single ingredient matters. Besides sea salt and water with balanced Ph, we pay a lot of attention to our flour. Our products are mainly based on Italian semolina flour from durum wheat, aka Grano Duro. Compared to conventional white flour, durum is much healthier, has never been geneticaly modified and is grown only in the Puglia and Basilicate regions.

Everything happens under our roof

Bread and pastry for the entire La Collezione portfolio are fully under our control. We prepare the products from scratch every single day in our bakery in La Bottega Tusarova. Every day, our team of bakers (lead by Oliver Lánský) prepare around 300 loaves for all of our restaurants, as well as our other clients. We supply our bread to the restaurants of well-known chefs like Zdeněk Pohlreich and Emanuele Ridi, to name just two.

Not every ferment is the same

Another difference between our bread and others is our use of white wheat ferment. It has its origins in the south of Europe. In Central and Northern Europe we mostly use the more sour rye ferment. Wheat offers more gluten and more proteins, longer proofing and the absence of a sour taste. Using ferment instead of yeast assures the bread lasts longer, and is not subject to fungi.

Technology is our friend

Our bakery is equipped with technologies which allow us to offer you a consistently great product. This includes a fermenting machine which keeps the ferment at the optimal temperature, and has a special box for controlled proofing. Our doughs are proofed in low temperatures for up to 17 hours, which results in the improved development of bacteria that later aids your digestion.

We have a lot to choose from

To taste everything we produce is no easy task because our offer is really large scale! Our showstopper is the Altamura bread, originally from the Puglia region. Only this one can be labeled with DOP trademark. This kind is easily digestible and, thanks to added barley malt, has a crunchy crust for you to enjoy. Besides the Altamura, our daily offer includes breads with a higher bran content, buckwheat bread, and even a 100% rye bread that contains almost no gluten.

Bread by the daily offer is available in all our La Bottega bistros. We will help you to choose the right one, we will wrap it to take a way or slice it.